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Watching McCain Debate

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Friday night in Belhaven in Jackson, Mississippi I hosted a debate watching party for McCain supporters (and maybe one or two undecideds). WAPT and WJTV both covered the party with live broadcasts.

Here are two videos from WAPT from the event:

WAPT: Voters Weigh-In On Debate

WAPT: Republicans Watch Debate

Here are a few shots of some of those in attendance.

A ‘crunchy con’ president?

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

This week’s edition of Reasonably Right discusses Theodore Roosevelt, John McCain, and the Crunchy Cons. You can read it at the Madison County Journal and see the video I mention or visit a link to buy a book about Crunchy Cons at my recent post over at the Mississippi for McCain blog.

Does Greg Davis have a path to victory?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Roll Call (a Washington DC newspaper that covers congress, politics and Capitol Hill) reports on Mississippi’s First Congressional District today.  They say Republican challenger Greg Davis has a poll that puts him within five points of incumbent Democrat Travis Childers, and that Davis expects to show $200,000 cash-on-hand by his next report. I spoke with John McArdle, the reporter covering the race for Roll Call.

“I don’t think the dynamics of the candidates have changed” since May, said Brian Perry, a partner with the Republican consulting firm Capstone Public Affairs. “You still have a suburban mayor versus a courthouse country boy. And the courthouse country boy is going to sell over most of the 1st district better than the suburban mayor.” But Perry did add one advantage for the suburban mayor: “There are a whole lot of votes in suburbia in the 1st district in a presidential election year.”

I suggested that there is a path for victory Davis, but it is an uphill battle. He has to take that poll that shows him within striking distance, use it to raise money for a strong television and direct mail buy, and then trust that the top of the ballot has coat tails.  McCain will win the First District. Cochran will win the First District. Wicker will win the First District. Next on the ballot is the Davis-Childers race. The irony will be if the fight by the Democrats to move Ronnie Musgrove up to the third place on the ballot, actually strengthens Republican coattails for Greg Davis and costs them a congressional seat. Two weeks ago I wrote that Childers would win reelection and I still believe he will, but with turnout dwarfing that of the special election, and coattails in the First District, I also maintain if we see an upset in Mississippi this year: this could be the one.

Mock Debate at Lanier in Jackson

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

UPDATE 1:Here is WAPT-TV’s report on the Mock Debate along with a video from their news report Tuesday night.

UPDATE 2: Here is the coverage from JPS of this event.

This morning I joined with teachers, a coordinator from the Commission on Presidential Debates, and representatives of the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office in speaking to two advanced placement history classes at Lanier High School in Jackson.  My talk was “The Power of a Vote; The Power of a Voice” and I shared the significance of each person’s vote, and that through interpersonal communication and the use of new media (Facebook, MySpace, blogs, e-mail, Twitter, texts) each person can inform and persuade friends and neighbors in the upcoming election.

 Afterward, a student from Lanier served as Senator Barack Obama and a student from the visiting class from Murrah High School served as Senator John McCain in a mock debate.  I moderated the debate.  Both classes supported their colleague as the two students debated questions covering education, homeland security, energy and health care.   


Both students were prepared and did well presenting perspectives from each campaign.

Capstone Blog

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The partners of Capstone Public Affairs, LLC will be posting news and updates about the firm as well as items of interest to our clients.  We anticipate a certain amount of humor will be mixed in with what we hope will be compelling and insightful information and analysis. Stay tuned as the Capstone Blog launches this month.

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