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What do superheroes think about in the shower?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

What do superheroes think about in the shower?

(*For purposes of simplicity, I’m going to assume the superheroes are real and there is a certain amount of crossover between their worlds and ours; I won’t differentiate between DC, Marvel or other universes. Also, this has nothing to do with public policy, or for that matter, anything of importance.)

Friday morning while checking my Twitter feed I read an article from @Mental_Floss on 10 Great Comic Book Cliffhangers. That was on my mind when I took a shower and wondered what superheroes think about in the shower.

Do they think, “Sometime next week I need to clean off some mildew and soap-scum”? Batman doesn’t. Bruce Wayne employs a staff to keep his mansion clean. I bet his shower is spotless. The same goes for Tony Stark. He can afford a maid; or maybe he deploys nanobots to clean – Scrubbing Bubble Bots by SC Johnson, a subsidiary of Stark Industries.

So what do they think about? Does Bruce Wayne constantly think about crime fighting or is he thinking, “Man, Sarbanes-Oxley is KILLING me. I need a new accounting firm, preferably one that isn’t a front for a supervillain’s machinations to destroy the financial markets. And good grief. Dodd-Frank has cost me so much money this year. I need a meeting with Senator Schumer. I should wear the bat outfit. Ha! Then I would just dare the receptionist to ask who I am. She knows. Oh, she knows.”

I suppose some folks with superpowers, if they don’t have housekeepers, could still take care of mildew problems pretty quickly. Jean Grey can use her telekinetic powers to wipe the whole shower clean without missing a beat. The Flash can leave the shower, grab a scrubber, scrub, return the scrubber, and finish showering without dripping on the floor. And Superman can – does Superman need to shower? Does his body need to regulate temperature on earth by sweating? He might not be greasy or stinky, but still, flying through the air (or volcanoes for that matter) must get him pretty grimy. Unless stuff doesn’t stick on his superskin which could be like Teflon or cosmic spray Pam. But then would he be slippery? Superman isn’t slippery. Yeah, he needs to shower.

Does Aquaman need to shower? When I get out of the ocean, I want to shower: seaweed, salt and minerals, various other substances and sand. Does Aquaman stink? Man, wouldn’t you hate to have supersenses and have to work with Aquaman? “There it is! That dead fish smell again. Does anybody know what that—oh, sorry Aquaman. Didn’t know you were there. Sorry, buddy. Yeah, I know you can’t help it but, have you thought about taking a shower? In fresh water? Maybe without dead fish decomposing in the water? Just a thought.”

Does the Human Torch need to shower? Does he just burn off any crud? He could turn any shower into a sauna.

How much shampoo must Hank McCoy aka The Beast go through every day? Is his shower drain just filled with blue hair? What a mess.

What about supervillains? Are they so consumed with power/revenge/madness/insertmotivation that they think of nothing else?

Supervillain thoughts:

“Dang it. I hate getting in the shower only to realize I’m out of soap. Now I’m going to be late to my meeting at LexCorp. Luthor is going to be pissed.”

“If I finish getting ready early enough, maybe I can swing by Starbucks before launching the attack on the Hall of Justice.”

“Solomon Grundy, Zest fully clean.”

About this time I finished my shower. For me, like lots of folks, shower time is good thinking time. Obviously, this particular shower I thought of nothing profound or constructive and came to no conclusion on what superheroes think about. Maybe they think about normal people and wish they could trade the pressures of saving the earth for the mundane tasks of manually cleaning mildew from their showers. Maybe they think about us.

Time to dry off.

MS Judicial Races - July 10 campaign finance reports

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The July 10 campaign finance disclosure reports have been posted for Mississippi judicial elections. The numbers and links to the reports are below.

Name – Raised in June – Total Raised – Spent in June – Spent Total – Cash On Hand – Link to Report

Supreme Court - Northern District

Josiah Coleman - $33,825.31 - $51,027.31 - $15,142.38 - $26,466.19 - $24,561.12 - Report

Flip Phillips - $23,760 - $144,950 - $5,179.42 - $11,261.93 - $133,688.07 – Report

Supreme Court - Central District

Bill Waller - $75,545 - $76,545 - $19,159.13 - $26,589.39 - $71,304.22 – Report

Earl Banks - $13,000 - $14,100 - $260.65 - $260.65 - $13,839.65 – Report

Supreme Court - Southern District

Talmadge Braddock - $500 - $500 - $500 - $500 – $0 - Report

Mike Randolph - $55,200 - $55,200 - $5,162.52 - $5,162.52 - $50,037.48 – Report

Court of Appeals

EJ Russell – $50 - $6265 - $4590 - $6015 - $250 - Report

Latrice Westbrooks - $16,075 - $16,075 - $12,359.65 - $12,359.65 - $3,715.35 – Report

Ceola James - $0 - $0 - $425 - $800 - $0 – Report

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