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Baker in DeSoto: time to “flip the Hood”

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Last week I attended a meeting hosted by the DeSoto County Republican Women at the home of state Representative Wanda Jennings.  The event was packed. In addition to the Republican Women members and local elected Republican officials, candidates like Olive Branch eye doctor David Parker in the special Senate District 19 election, and candidate hopefuls in next year’s municipal elections were all on hand.  Josiah Coleman, a candidate for Northern District Supreme Court also made the rounds.

Speakers included Nathan Wells representing Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, House Republican Majority Leader Mark Baker and Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.

Wells discussed the Child Protection Act, redistricting and the budget rule change requiring off-set cuts to any spending increases to the budget process.

Baker covered a litany of issues including Voter-ID, sunshine legislation and the state Medicaid mandate in Obamacare tossed by the Supreme Court, but not - as Baker pointed out - pursued in Court on behalf of Mississippi by Attorney General Jim Hood. Baker spoke about Hood’s hiring of outside contingency fee lawyers like Joey Langston as one of the reasons the sunshine legislation was needed.  Hood is the only statewide elected Democrat in Mississippi.  “Four years ago, my goal as Republican Leader was to flip the House,” Baker said, “But now we all need to work to flip the Hood.”

Baker and Wells both addressed education reform and noted there was no animosity within House Republican Leadership toward the DeSoto Representatives who opposed charter school legislation during the previous session.  Baker and Wells both told the crowd, which included DeSoto County Schools Superintendent Milton Kurkendahl (an opponent of last year’s charter school bill) that education reform and charter schools will be a priority again next year.  Wells said DeSoto Countians can be proud of their schools, but not everyone in Mississippi is as fortunate as they are and the state needs to allow options for a better education.

Robert Lee Long at the DeSoto Times Tribune covered the meeting including the speech by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann: Voter ID Law solid: Hosemann

The next DeSoto County Republican Women meeting will be held on October 18 at the Hernando Public Library at 10:00am.

Mark Baker tells DeSoto County Republican Women it is time to "flip the Hood."

Mark Baker tells DeSoto County Republican Women it is time to "flip the Hood."

Olive Branch eye doctor David Parker, a candidate in Senate District 19, speaks to Mark Baker at the DeSoto County Republican Women meeting.

Olive Branch eye doctor David Parker, a candidate in Senate District 19, speaks to Mark Baker at the DeSoto County Republican Women meeting.

Supreme Court candidate Josiah Coleman talks to voters in DeSoto County.

Supreme Court candidate Josiah Coleman talks to voters in DeSoto County.

Representative Wanda Jennings introduces Delbert Hosemann.

Representative Wanda Jennings introduces Delbert Hosemann.

Mississippi’s “Bacon Numbers”

Friday, September 14th, 2012

So now Google has taken the mind work out of finding someone’s “Bacon Number” or the degrees of separation between an actor or person from Kevin Bacon. Simply go to Google and in the search bar type a name and “Bacon Number” (without quotes) and Google gives you the results. Of course, it doesn’t have everyone in the world so unless you’re famous, you likely won’t get a result for your own name.

But maybe you have a relationship with a famous Mississippian and you can uncover your own Bacon Number that way. Here are a few and their numbers:

Morgan Freeman - 2
Lance Bass - 2
Sela Ward - 2
Jimmy Buffett - 2
BB King - 2
Brett Favre - 2
Peyton Manning - 3
Eli Manning - 3
Jim Henson - 2
Elvis Presley - 2
Gerald McRaney - 2
Mary Ann Mobley - 3

If you were an extra in a recent movie made in Mississippi you can figure out your own “Bacon Number” by adding a number to one of the major actors in those films. For example:

“O Brother Where Art Thou” - George Clooney - KBN2
“The Help” - Emma Stone - KBN1
“My Dog Skip” - Kevin Bacon - KBN0
“A Time To Kill” - Matthew McConaughey - KBN2
“The Lady Killers” - Tom Hanks - KBN1
“True Blood” - Anna Paquin - KBN2

Yes, that’s right. An extra in “My Dog Skip” has a Kevin Bacon Number of 1.

Also, for those at Ole Miss this weekend, if you run in to Oxford resident Joey Lauren Adams, you’ll know she has a Kevin Bacon Number of 2.

As for politicians, former Attorney General Mike Moore had a cameo in “The Insider” starring Russel Crowe who has a KBN2 giving Moore a KBN3. Former Governor Haley Barbour and former Senator Trent Lott appeared on the “Mississippi Rising” television benefit concert along with Freeman and Bass (each with a KBN2) giving Barbour and Lott a KBN3 as well. Former Congressman Chip Pickering and former Chief Justice Jim Smith each had some screen time in “Borat” featuring Sacha Baron Cohen whose KBN2 means each of them have a KBN3.

Finally, if you’re in the new production by James Franco (KBN2) of “As I Lay Dying” then you have a KBN3.

So as if you the internet didn’t provide enough ways to waste time discover interesting facts, now you can use Google to find your own connection to a KBN.

MS Dem at DNC: No Team America helping Obama; Obamacare not socialistic enough

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

A couple of Mississippians have already made the news in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention.  One laments that there is no Team America helping President Obama with the economy (and of course, the economy is Bush’s fault) while sporting a fantastic outfit.  Another wants - like Republicans - to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Unlike Republicans, she wants it to be more socialistic.

In this video from Florida Watch Dog, Hilda Wiltz of Louisiana kicks off the video saying you can’t blame President Obama or for that matter anyone for the economy. “You can’t blame it on anybody. Blame it on the weather,” says Wiltz.

Then comes Kelly Jacobs from Mississippi who blames George W. Bush. Jacobs is sporting a Labor Day Parade dress she made. She says the front welcomes home the troops for “the wonderful service they did” and the back is a message on immigration and Native Americans (perhaps a treat for Elizabeth Warren). Jacobs says the problem with Obama and the economy is that, “There is no Team America trying to help him.” Watch Jacobs from 1:13 to 2:17.

Jacobs also gives a different interview in Spanish.

Jacobs is getting plenty of attention. She is profiled by which describes the various dresses (Flag Dress; Peace and Ole Miss; Obama Caftan) she made as well as her hat.

Of her sequined dress she says: “It’s a nod to Obama’s heritage, because he is just as white as he is black. There are 6,000 sequins on the dress, 3,000 black ones and 3,000 white ones. And that is also reversible.”

And about her hat:

She pairs each of the four dresses with a red sequined hat covered in more than 20 pro-Obama and pro-Democrat pins. The pièce de résistance is a plastic, shirtless Obama giving a thumbs up.

“This hat is so heavy,”Jacobs sighed. “And let me tell you, it is hard to make sure ’surfing Obama’ doesn’t fall over.”

She explains, “I’m here to support the president, and I try to support him with my outfits. Politics can be such a drag. I think this keeps it exciting.”

Amen, sister.

Another Mississippian named Jaribu Hill says she supports the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) but wants to “ultimately replace it with something more socialistic.”

Jaribu Hill, executive director of the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights, in Greenville, Miss., told MedPage Today that she comes from a region where there are very few healthcare resources. “Most people can’t afford the health insurance that their employers offer … Most people are uninsured and they use the emergency room for healthcare. We want that to change; we want the power put in the hands of those who suffer the most.”

Like Benjamin, Hill said that although she supports the Affordable Care Act, she’d like to see something even more comprehensive. However, “while we’re considering how we would make constructive criticisms to it and even ultimately replace it with something more socialistic and more inclusive, I’m in favor of it because it’s a stopgap measure for now.”

Hill also had a message for the convention delegates: “Democrats have a lot to learn about supporting working peoples’ struggles … If you think that you can just come, and have your caucuses, and your keynote speeches, and your cocktail parties, without us saying something to you, you’re dead wrong.”

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