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Childers Bloodhounds - that dog don’t hunt

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Former Congressman Travis Childers has a video out with bloodhounds looking for Thad Cochran.

Pretty clever. Or at least it was in 1984 when it was created by Larry McCarthy or Roger Ailes for Mitch McConnell. It is a fairly famous ad, rated by a panel at AdAge as the #7 best political ad ever.

Here is the original ad:

The Clarion Ledger reported, “The Childers campaign said the video is a parody of an old ad produced for a Kentucky Senate race.” Parody? As you can see, it wasn’t only the concept that was lifted but some of the script and scene shots. What’s next for Travis Childers? Is he going to sit on a bench and talk to a little old lady who calls him Smathis Fielders?

The Cochran Campaign noted Senator Cochran had visited 51 Mississippi towns in August alone. If the Childers campaign can’t find him, perhaps they need to get out on the campaign trail more and they might bump into him. Granted, some of the stops were in small towns, but while Democrats have launched an initiative to remember forgotten places in rural Mississippi, folks like Cochran have always represented all Mississippians.

As Y’all Politics noted, Childers himself has a history of being evasive.

Cochran has represented Mississippi for 40 years. Democrats can claim they can’t find his record, or find him, but Mississippians know that dog don’t hunt.

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