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Run-Off Tuesday for voters in 7 counties

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Voters in 7 counties head to the polls in run-off elections on Tuesday, November 24.

Rankin and Madison counties have a choice between Steve Ratcliff and Marty Miller for a new circuit court judge position. Ratcliff is a county judge in Madison; Miller is a former Assistant District Attorney for the two counties. Ratcliff finished first in Madison in the November 3 general election featuring four candidates; Miller finished first in Rankin. More details: Ratcliff, Miller in judge runoff

Amite, Pike, Franklin and Walthall counties choose who will serve in a new chancery judge position between Wayne Smith (from Amite) and Conrad Mord (from Walthall). The two finished top in the five person race on November 3. More details: Mord, Smith in runoff for chancery court post

And per the Copiah County Journal (link):

Voters in the county portion of the Hazlehurst City School District will need to plan to return to their voting precincts on Tuesday, November 24 for the runoff election for a 5-year-term position on the district’s Board of Trustees. The race pits incumbent Troy J. Stewart, Sr., who was appointed by the administration of the City of Hazlehurst when local control was returned by the state in 2014, against Kevin Brown.  Brown captured the plurality of votes in the general election on November 3, and Stewart edged into the second place to force the runoff.

Other run-offs on November 24? E-mail me and let me know:

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