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Green, Gibbs lead in House 72 fundraising

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Voters in House District 72 will choose a replacement in a special election for former Representative Kimberly Campbell who resigned earlier this year.

Candidates were required to file pre-election campaign finance reports on Tuesday. Synarus Green and Debra Hendricks Gibbs lead in fundraising.

House 72 - Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report Summary

Synarus Green - Green jumped in the race first and looks to lead the field in votes and in fundraising. He served as Jackson’s chief administrative officer in the Lumumba Administration and previously as aide to Congressman Bennie Thompson. He is the son of Hinds Circuit Judge Tomie Green who held the seat from 1992-1998. Green loaned his campaign $11,404 but has raised significant funds from attorneys and law firms. Contributors include Crymes Pittman ($1000), Danny Cupit ($500), John Corlew ($500), the Simmons & Simmons firm of state Senator Derrick Simmons ($250), Pieter Teeuwissen ($500), Ashley Ogden ($1000), Vicki Slater ($500) and J.L. Holloway ($500). (Report)

Debra Hendricks Gibbs - Nearly half of the money raised by Gibbs comes from the Gibbs family or connected businesses (Robert L. Gibbs $6000; Gibbs Travis PLLC $2500; Waste Disposal Services LLC $3500). Former Jackson Mayor Kane Ditto, Jr. and associated companies contributed $1000. Other contributors include Whitwell & Associates (former Jackson city councilman Quentin Whitwell) $250; LeRoy Walker $500; Jonathan Lee $250; Richard Schwartz $500; and Duane O’Neil (President: Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership) $250. (Report)

Theresa G. Kennedy - Kennedy contributed $1500 to her own campaign and other contributors include state Senator Deborah Dawkins ($200), Richard Schwartz ($500), Brent Hazzard ($750), Dependable Source Corp ($1000) and New Jerusalem Baptist Church ($250). (Report)

A. Shae Buchanon-Williams - (No report available online at the Secretary of State’s Office as of 2:30pm 8/16/2016.) Her campaign organization filing lists former Court of Appeals Justice Ermea J. Russell as treasurer and Cindy Ayers Elliott, a former assistant treasurer defeated in the 1999 Democratic Primary when running for treasurer as her campaign manager. Elliott was also a candidate for the special state Senate election to replace Alice Hardin in 2013. (Filing)

If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, the top two will advance to a run-off on September 13.

Classic Bert Case in 1976 Reagan Visit

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Wilson Stribling at WLBT posted this August 4, 1976 newscast featuring a visit by Governor Ronald Reagan and his running mate Senator Richard Schweiker during the 1976 GOP Primary. WLBT assigned four reporters to cover the story which consumed about a third of the night’s broadcast.

Reagan was attempting to calm delegates concerned about his choice as a running mate and lock up delegates to the 1976 Republican National Convention in his challenge against incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford.

The whole video is enjoyable, even the commercials. But it also has some classic Bert Case commentary:

WLBT’s Bert Case: Any particular significance to the fact that he [Schweiker] was put in the Delta Airlines Freight Terminal where I understand the air conditioner is not even working properly for the hour wait for Governor Reagan?

Billy Mounter: Some people might consider him to be excess baggage, but I don’t think that is proper.

Bert Case: So the cool Pennsylvania liberal met a red hot Reagan backer who was Luke-warm to him in a hot freight terminal office before fielding some sizzling questions from conservative Mississippi Republicans.

Thanks to Wilson Stribling for sharing this with everyone.

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