Classic Bert Case in 1976 Reagan Visit

August 16th, 2016 by Perry

A couple of weeks ago, Wilson Stribling at WLBT posted this August 4, 1976 newscast featuring a visit by Governor Ronald Reagan and his running mate Senator Richard Schweiker during the 1976 GOP Primary. WLBT assigned four reporters to cover the story which consumed about a third of the night’s broadcast.

Reagan was attempting to calm delegates concerned about his choice as a running mate and lock up delegates to the 1976 Republican National Convention in his challenge against incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford.

The whole video is enjoyable, even the commercials. But it also has some classic Bert Case commentary:

WLBT’s Bert Case: Any particular significance to the fact that he [Schweiker] was put in the Delta Airlines Freight Terminal where I understand the air conditioner is not even working properly for the hour wait for Governor Reagan?

Billy Mounter: Some people might consider him to be excess baggage, but I don’t think that is proper.

Bert Case: So the cool Pennsylvania liberal met a red hot Reagan backer who was Luke-warm to him in a hot freight terminal office before fielding some sizzling questions from conservative Mississippi Republicans.

Thanks to Wilson Stribling for sharing this with everyone.


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