Fire In The Belly: Economic Development Leadership

January 30th, 2009 by Perry

The Neshoba Democrat editorialized this week about Capstone partner Brian Wilson’s¬†leadership program for economic development in Noxubee County.

Nearby Noxubee County is taking a novel approach to leadership.

The county’s economic development office has partnered to present a leadership development program designed to provide Noxubee business and political leaders with the essential skills for decision making and, perhaps most importantly, taking action.

Leadership development is the prerequisite to good community and economic development.

For Noxubee County, - with one of the highest unemployment rates and a huge challenge with poverty - starting a leadership development program was one of the priorities identified by residents in a strategic planning exercise.

“It is a powerful tool for self development and to help diverse groups learn how to work together,” said William Oliver, president of the Noxubee County Board of Supervisors.

Noxubee County officials recognize that leadership training is essential.

“All of us want to live in a community where things get done,” said Brian Wilson, executive director of the Noxubee Economic and Community Development Alliance.¬† “That’s what happens with leadership training.”

Getting things done is the aim.

You can read the full editorial here: Neshoba Democrat / Fire In The Belly

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