RGA: Fight for Freedom Call

May 13th, 2009 by Perry

The Republican Governors Association is sponsoring a “Fight for Freedom Call” Thursday night with Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.¬† Their concept is to conduct a Tele-Tea Party and they expect 30,000 participants. Politico.com reports on the event: GOP govs plan Tea Party sequel.

You can sign-up to participate in the Thursday night call (May 14 at 7:30pm central time) at TheGOPComeback.com

The initiative is part of the Republican Governors Association plan that “the GOP comeback begins with Republican governors.”

UPDATE: South Carolina Mark Sanford was on Greta Van Susteren last night talking about Tea Party 2.0.

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One Response to “RGA: Fight for Freedom Call”

  1. Amanda Halbert Says:

    I am very concerned about the passage of universal health care, or universal death care as we refer to it in our home. Based on what I have read and heard, there will only be approximately 7-8 weeks of campaign time to perform some major moves to halt the passage of this doomsday policy/ideology.

    We are not fighting our father’s Democrat party either! WHEN, OH WHEN, is the GOP going to start a nation wide blitz on informing the general public as to how horrific this initiative is for our country? When will someone in the GOP step forward and suggest we have some serious tort reform regarding medical lawsuit abuse? Anyone speaking to the 70-80 BILLION dollar yearly fraud committed regarding Medicaid and Medicare? ANYONE?

    When and IF the GOP runs any informative ads, I would suggest they take place during popular sports airings, and reality tv type programs. The internet would not hurt either. This should be so easy to stop considering the disasters from the Stimulus Bill. Anyone know to date WHERE ALL the money went? Things like AIG, Fannie and Freddie, and the insanity of the Omnibus Bill porkulus, all of this should be utilized as examples for why we must not hastily pass a bill that could place us on the levels of Canada and European health care. I have been to Europe twice, and I pass on that type of health care!

    The American public is NOT wanting what is being offered, and we less than trust the Obama Administration to come up with something that does not resemble some 1950’s Russian styled health care. Listen to some doctors and hospitals, as well as drug companies. They have some real common sense ideas on how to solve these issues. And for the love of Pete, could someone, anyone, please shoot down this 50 million uninsured claim. I know you guys hate discussing illegals for fear of alienating your future constituents, but in reality, we all know illegals have taken a huge toll on the medical industry. There was a town in CA who recently said no more services to those who are uninsured. They had a tremendous decrease in money going out and were able to save approximately $6 million in about a month to three month period. Secondary benefit, illegals left the area!

    You guys might want to use some factoids from Heritage as well. They have info already ready for you to use in fighting this. I can tell you this, if the GOP does not make some major initiatives to stop this, and I mean MAJOR, the GOP will forever be blamed for the state of the nation and the deaths of many an innocent individual due to faulty health care. The lines must clearly be drawn, and there must be no doubt Conservative principles will win in this cause. No compromises, and no socialistic veins instituted. In addition, if the states cannot insulate themselves, not one Republican Congressional member should support this horrible plan. NOT ONE! And you guys as governors need to lean heavily on our Congressional delegation. In particular those lunatics Collins, Snow, GRAHAM, Kyl, Cornyn, and the nuttiest of all McCain. Once I get my kids in college this fall, we plan on becoming very active in pursuing the removal of some of these people. VERY ACTIVE!

    Good luck in passing state wide measures to insulate the states from the federal government. THAT is the one hope we have in stopping the encroaching Fascism. That, and the elections in 2010. And you guys can pass the word, we are beyond mad at our elected officials not listening to their constituents. We are fired up, and we are tossing anyone who cannot take a stand for the Constitution and what is principled. This is not about RINOS versus Conservatives! This is about voting, and representing the people with honor and principles, and NOT COMPROMISING to the point we lose elections, and the faith of the American people in their representatives. “We the people” are ready to rock and roll over anyone who remotely resembles a spaghetti spined MODERATE! “You either stand for something, or you will fall for anything!”

    Most Sincerely Ready To Take Back MY PARTY,
    Mrs. Phillip Halbert

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