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Special Elections Update: Hattiesburg Mayor, Hinds Supervisors, more

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

(UPDATED 09/26/2013; 10/02/2013)

Here is a look at some of the special elections tomorrow and later this year that Mississippi politicos are keeping an eye on. The list is not comprehensive and does not include regularly scheduled elections.

Hattiesburg Mayor

Tomorrow, state political eyes are focused on the re-do election for mayor of Hattiesburg. Three-term incumbent Mayor Johnny Dupree (D) led major challenger David Ware (I) by 37 votes in the regular election which was thrown out by a judge following a mistrial in which Ware alleged voting irregularities.  Ware leads Dupree in fundraising $130K to $60K. Over 1500 new voters have registered to vote in this election. The Secretary of State will have observers in every precinct. The U.S. Department of Justice will also send monitors. And Hattiesburg has a new election commission in place.

Dupree was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2011 and the Democratic Party is throwing everything they have at winning this election.  State Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole issued a statement saying “Let me be crystal clear:  the Democratic Party is solidly unified behind our nominee Johnny DuPree, and anyone actively opposing his re-election is not and should not be considered a loyal Democrat.” However, Ware - who was a Republican when he served on the Hattiesburg City Council - has put together a coalition of “Democrats for Ware” announced at a recent rally.

UPDATED: Dupree won by 207 votes - DuPree 7512 to Ware 7305.

Hinds County Supervisor

Hinds County District 2 and District 4 Supervisor candidates are pushing folks to the polls for their primary elections tomorrow. A primary run-off will be conducted on October 8 if no candidate receives more than 50% in their respective primaries. The general election is November 5.

In Hinds 2, Democrats in the primary include: David Archie, Dorothy Benford, Bo Brown, Alberta Ross Gibson, Leon Jones, Gus McCoy, Darrel McQuirter, Willie Earl Robinson and Ted Williams. There is no Republican Primary in Hinds 2. Independent Alphonso “Al” Hunter is an independent and will be on the November 5 ballot with the Democratic nominee.

In Hinds 4, candidates in the Democratic Primary include: James “Lap” Baker, Jerry Hopkins and Michael Maldonado. Republican Primary candidates are Tony Greer and Alvin Woods.  Independents James Ira Duke and Dan Smith are not on the ballot tomorrow and will face the Democratic and Republican nominees on November 5.


District 2 - Darrel McQuirter & Willie Earl Robinson advance to Democratic run-off on Oct 8.
District 4 - James “Lap” Baker & Jerry Hopkins placed in the top two and would have advanced to Democratic run-off on Oct 8, but Hopkins dropped out and now it will be Baker and Mike Maldonado per JFP. Tony Greer won the GOP nomination.

Alabama 1st

The special election in Alabama’s 1st Congressional District is also tomorrow. Former Mississippi Republican Party staffer Wells Griffith is one of nine candidates in the Republican Primary; two candidates are competing for the Democratic nomination in this safe GOP district. Griffith managed Congressman Steven Palazzo’s 2010 primary campaign and then served as deputy chief of staff for the Republican National Committee. Polling places him 2nd or 3rd and observers expect a run-off with the top two candidates facing each other on November 5.

Updated: Wells Griffith finished fifth in the nine person race with 11% of the vote. Bradley Byrne (34.57%) and dean Young (22.95%) advance to the run-off.

Legislative Special Elections

Twelve candidates have so far qualified for the three special legislative elections coming up in November. The seats for House 5, House 55 and House 110 all opened up after the sitting Democratic legislators won election to become mayor of their respective hometowns. This will bring to nine the total number of special elections for the legislature this year. The special elections are nonpartisan but the districts all are safe Democratic seats.

Qualifying Deadline: October 7
Special Election: November 5
Potential Run-Off: November 26

Candidates who have qualified so far:

District 5

Arthur “Clyde” Ellzey
John Gary Faulkner
Jacqueline Simon
Robert Earl Young

District 55

Chris Green
Andrew W. Harrell
Joseph E. Williams, Jr.

District 110
Jeramey Anderson
Tyres Autrey
Mitch Ellerby
Aneice R. Liddell
Anne’ A. McMillion

Oktibbeha County Prosecutor

The special election for Oktibbeha County prosecutor will be held on November 5 with candidates Haley Brown, Brace Knox and Matt Wilson, according to the Starkville Daily News.

Noxubee County

Noxubee County will have a special election for circuit clerk (if not determined in the primary) and for southern district justice court judge on November 5.

UPDATE: Freda Phillips won the Democratic Nomination with 75% of the vote (without absentees Phillips 1774, Dickson 515, Jenkins 57) and faces independent Earnest Eichelberger on November 5.

School Board Special Elections

November 5 - Board of Trustees for North Panola School District

November 5 - Board of Education for Tate County School District

November 5 - Trustees for North Bolivar and West Bolivar School Districts

Hinds County not only special election primary

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Hinds County supervisors are refusing so far to pay (although Mississippi law requires them to do so) for Democratic and Republican primaries for two special elections for supervisor, claiming there is no money in the budget. They’ve asked for an Attorney General’s opinion on the matter (see Jackson Jambalaya: Supervisors refuse to pay for primaries until AG opines).

Special elections typically are nonpartisan; however, the law allows for parties to conduct primaries in county and county district offices.  Also this year, Noxubee County’s Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Ike Brown has called for a Democratic Primary to replace Circuit Clerk Carl Mickens who resigned earlier this year. The general election is set for November 5, but according to the Macon Beacon, “If there are no Republican or Independent qualifiers, the Democratic primary election will decide the winner.” Three candidates have qualified so far for that primary.

The law is pretty clear and I expect the Attorney General’s opinion will not be favorable to the Hinds County Supervisors who oppose paying for the primaries.  But were the AG to decide counties do not have to pay for primaries, it could impact more than just Hinds County.

UPDATE: As expected, the Attorney General’s Office told the Hinds County Board of Supervisors they are responsible for paying for the primary elections. From the Clarion Ledger report:

The opinion written by special assistant attorney general Phil Carter, a veteran staffer in the agency’s elections division, succinctly says: “The Hinds County Board of Supervisors is legally obligated to pay the expenses enumerated in Section 23-15-301 for conducting the Sept. 24, 2013 primary elections. The manner in which those expenses are to be paid is determined by the board.

“In response to (supervisors’) second question, the fact that the unforeseen expenditures are not within the budget does not remove the county’s obligation to make those expenditures.”

RR: Lawyer from Noxubee case takes on Dept of Justice

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

In his new book, “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department”J. Christian Adams presents a disturbing and frightening picture of a federal agency with power over Mississippi’s elections and redistricting. In additional to national stories and an insider perspective of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Adams examines Mississippi election fraud in Noxubee and Wilkinson counties and what he says the Department of Justice did and didn’t do to stop - or maybe assist - in those activities. You can read my column on the book in the Madison County Journal: Perry / In-Justice Department in Noxubee.

New Book on Obama Dept of Justice Praises “Macon Beacon”

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

“Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of The Obama Justice Department” by J. Christian Adams is the subject of my column publishing tomorrow in the Madison County Journal.  More on that tomorrow, but, one item that didn’t make it in the column but deserves attention is the praise of Adams for the work of Mississippi newspapers in covering Ike Brown’s shenanigans in Noxubee County - particularly the Macon Beacon.

Adams writes:

Curiously, as the systematic and prolonged violation of voting rights in Noxubee became indisputably clear; the mainstream media lost interest in the story. Only reporters from three Mississippi papers, the Jackson Clarion Ledger, Macon Beacon, and Columbus Commercial Dispatch, attended the new hearings and reported on Brown’s most recent behavior.

And yet, in the end, the Ike Brown lawsuit was testimony to the power of a free press. Our paralegal Joann Sazama first discovered much of the evidence against Brown in the local Noxubee County weekly, the Macon Beacon. Published by Scott Boyd, the Beacon had been fearlessly and relentlessly covering Brown’s antics for years. While the national media was primarily interested in questioning the Bush administration’s decision to bring the case in the first place, the Beacon diligently memorialized crucial political events and reported the straight facts.

Wilson Exits Noxubee Alliance

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

After several years of excellent service, Capstone Partner Brian Wilson will be leaving the Noxubee Alliance. His relationship with Noxubee County continues personally if not professionally, as it is his home and he is always looking for ideas to help that community. Because of his passion for the area, I’ve visited Noxubee many times in recent years and love downtown Macon, the Noxubee River, their blues and music heritage, and the history of the area. Wilson said in his release, “Noxubee County has a bright future of which I will always be on the team” and I personally know that to be true. The County has had some great economic successes and the seeds are planted for more, and Wilson will always be around nuturing those seeds even if he isn’t the gardener. The Columbus Commercial Dispatch and the Mississippi Business Journal both have pieces about his departure.

Noxubee Alliance Awarded $10K

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The Mississippi Higher Education Initiative (MS-HEI) recently awarded a $10,000 Access to Higher Education grant to the Noxubee Alliance. The funding will be used for a new program that will help students plan and prepare for college and to increase the overall number of students from Noxubee County earning a college degree. The program will be known locally as Opportunity Knocks and is open to all Noxubee County students regardless of which high school they currently attend.

“Education is absolutely essential to preparing our students for the competitive workplace of the twenty-first century. We are very proud to sponsor this initiative and we want to thank Crayton Coleman for his tireless leadership in this effort,” said Brian Wilson, executive director of the Noxubee Alliance.

MS-HEI is a partnership between Mississippi State University and the Appalachian Regional Commission working to raise the educational attainment of the Mississippi Appalachian Region. According to MS-HEI co-director Julie Jordan, “There are two keys to the success and sustainability of any Access to Higher Education project. First is the enthusiastic commitment of the community team. Second is total buy-in and support from the school principal, counselors, teachers, coaches, band directors, choir director, and everyone working with the students at the school.”

Sandra Perkins of the Appalachian Regional Commission; Clayton Coleman, Chairman of Opportunity Knocks; and Julie Jordan, co-director of MS-HEI present a check for $10,000 to the Noxubee Alliance.

Sandra Perkins of the Appalachian Regional Commission; Crayton Coleman, Chairman of Opportunity Knocks; and Julie Jordan, co-director of MS-HEI present a check for $10,000 to the Noxubee Alliance.

The Noxubee Alliance is a public-private partnership for the promotion of economic development, tourism, and community development in Noxubee County.

30 New Jobs in Noxubee County

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The Noxubee Alliance and Thomasson Company will host a ribbon cutting and grand opening for the new Macon Treating Company Tuesday at 10am at 14877 Hwy. 45 in Macon.  Macon Treating Company, along with sister company East Mississippi Pole Company, represents a total investment of $6 million and approximately 30 new jobs in Noxubee County. The public is invited.

Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The Mississippi Business Journal has this piece on the passage of the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area:

Congress voted to create the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area, which includes Noxubee County and 29 other Northeast Mississippi counties.

The designation will authorize up to $10 million for historic preservation and cultural and heritage tourism efforts. The approved bill is being sent to the White House for the President Obama’s signature.

The Mississippi Hills project has been in development since 2004. The original proposal called for the heritage area’s southern boundary to end at U.S. 82, which would have excluded Noxubee County. However, extensive lobbying by the Noxubee Alliance convinced Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and Mississippi Hills officials to include Noxubee County in the final proposal.

Capstone partner Brian Wilson assisted in this project on behalf of the Noxubee Alliance. Wilson said:

“I helped to create Mississippi’s first national heritage area on the Gulf Coast, so I was aware of the tremendous benefits that a heritage area could offer Noxubee. Job creation and residential growth are our highest priorities. They both start with quality of life. The national heritage area will be one more tool in our kit to promote Noxubee as a great place to live, work, and play.”

The Commerical Dispatch says that Senator Thad Cochran was instrumental in the measure’s passage and:

The designation will authorize up to $10 million for historic preservation and cultural and heritage tourism efforts. The approved bill is being transmitted to the White House for the president’s signature. The Mississippi Hills project has been in development since 2004.

RR: Ike Brown violates Voting Rights Act

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Ike Brown is a political boss in Noxubee County who violated the Voting Rights Act, a ruling affirmed by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The irony is, he is black and violated the voting rights of white Democrats. You can read the details in my column this week, but here are some excerpts that describe his activities.

The Fifth Circuit decision provides entertaining reading into the mechanics of a Mississippi political boss, including his control over precinct operations. At the West Macon precinct, the poll manager called Brown to tell him his ballots were being challenged and then announced, “Ain’t no ballots being challenged. I was instructed by Ike not to - can’t no ballots be challenged.”

At the Brooksville precinct, testimony showed that Brown “inspected the absentee ballots the night before the runoff and placed yellow post-it notes on select ballots that he wished to be rejected…The next day, Brown told the poll managers ‘I’ve already went through these absentee ballots and I put y’all’s stick-on stickers on the ballots that I want rejected and the rest of them is all right to count.” The ballots of white voters were rejected as deficient, while ballots of black voters meeting the same criteria were counted.

The Court noted Brown published a list of 174 white Democratic voters he intended to challenge if they attempted to vote in the Democratic Primary. And in 1995 Brown “urged voters to ‘Keep Hope Alive [and] Vote Black in ‘95′ in an open letter to Noxubee County voters.” As Chairman of the Noxubee Democratic Executive Committee, he “voiced the opinion that all of the county’s elected officials should be black” and accused whites of racism (without evidence) to drum up support of his candidates.

The Court concluded Brown and his fellow defendants engaged in a “pattern of episodic behavior intended to deny white voters equal participation in the political process.” After an initial ruling, Brown pledged to reform, but the Court discovered he was up to his old tricks. Brown told one federal observer, “I don’t care what the court says. I am still primarily responsible for running this election.”

You can read the full column online at the Neshoba Democrat: Perry / Ike Brown’s racism.

You can read the ruling from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals here, courtesy of Y’all Politics.  Sid Salter discussed Ike Brown today in his column as well: 5th U.S. Circuit Court: Ike Brown violated white voters’ rights.

UPDATE: Here is a piece on this issue from National Review Online by Heritage Foundation visiting legal scholar Hans A. von Spakovsky, a former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission and counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice: A Leadership of Cowards? Why is Eric Holder embarrassed about enforcing civil rights in Noxubee County?

MSU President Keenum Headlines Noxubee Alliance Banquet

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Mississippi State University President Dr. Mark E. Keenum will deliver the keynote address at the 2009 annual Noxubee Alliance banquet at 6:30 pm on Monday, April 6 at the Noxubee Civic Center.  This event will be among the first of Dr. Keenum’s major public addresses since taking office.  The Noxubee Alliance encourages any alumni and supporters of MSU to attend.  Tickets are available for purchase from the Noxubee Alliance (601-914-6731).

Brian Wilson serves as the Noxubee Alliance Executive Director and says, “Mark has been a friend since our days working together on Capitol Hill.  He has always been a real asset to Mississippi and a strong supporter of agriculture and rural development.  I can’t wait for the people of Noxubee County to meet him in person.”

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